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About company

About company

Holding Vostokcement is vertically integrated industrial group with construction material  production based on  own  raw material base.

Vostokcement company was established in 2002 to strengthen positions in the cement market. After obtaining in its management JSC Spasskcement as well as the distribution structure of DV-Cement LLC, Vostokcement in the following years has been rapidly increasing capacities for the integrated production of building materials.

Under management of the company in 2002 appeared JSC Teploozersky Cement Plant (Jewish Autonomous Region), in 2004 – JSC “Vladivostokskiy butoshebenochniy zavod” (Vladivostok Crushed Stone Plant) (Primorsky region) and in 2005 – JSC Rock-Crushing Plant (Primorsky region).

In 2014, the group of companies was finally joined by JSC Production Association Yakutcement. Thus, all three full-cycle cement plants in the Far East were incorporated in Vostokcement.

Company’s structure

Today Holding VOSTOKCEMENT is:

  • Three cement plants;
  • Four aggregate plants located in  Primorsky region, Jewish Autonomy region and Republic Sakha Yakutia;


The company’s mission

By producing high-quality building materials, we create infrastructure for the ages. By creating infrastructure, we are laying the foundations for the development of the Far East. By laying down the foundations, we are building the future for residents of our region.



Our Company produce following types of materials:

  • Portland-cement, clinker (50 kg bags, 1.5 ton bags, bulk)
  • Mineral dust, lime, lime dust.  
  • Aggregate, screenings, rock stone, sand and aggregate blend.  
  • “KrepkoBlock” Trade mark products (different types of construction blocks, paving stone, kerb stone)
  • Asbestos-cement  products (asbestos pipes, couplings, asbestos cement shingle)


The Sales structure is coordinating the supply of products throughout Far East - from small private customers to dealers, from small production companies to the largest construction projects in the region. Sales structure offers delivery of products by: rail transport, road transport, maritime shipping.